How to Use Color Correcting Concealers

Color Correcting Concealers are pastel colored concealers that specialize in neutralizing the tone of your skin to ensure an even skin tone and flawless makeup application. The color you should use depends on the color you’re trying to cancel out. Dark under-eye circles? Grab a yellow or peach color correcting concealer. Redness? Go green. Sunspots? Use pink. My color corrective concealer guide thoroughly details out exactly where to use color correcting concealers – pin it and an uneven skin tone will never be a problem you have to worry about!

Color Correcting Makeup Guide

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Now that you know how to use color correcting concealers, let’s talk about what color correcting concealers to use. Since each color corrective concealer has a different use, I like color correcting concealer sets or palettes so that you’re not reaching for 4 different products just to even out your skin tone. These options also make traveling with color corrective concealers that much easier. Effective color corrective concealers that are easy to blend are available at all price points from $3.00 (that’s the one I use daily) to $45.00. Test a few different brands and formulas to see what works best for you. Here are my favs.

e.l.f. – Corrective Concealer – $3.00

I use the e.l.f. Corrective Concealer palette everyday! I’ve even done a post about it. This palette is available in the shade pictured above called Erase and Conceal and one other collection of colors called Neutralize and Conceal.

e.l.f. – Tone Correcting Powder – $4.00

This powder is lightweight, you can’t even tell you’re wearing it! It will give you a shine-free and blemish free face.

stila one step corrective serum

Stila – ‘One Step Correct’ Skin Tone Correcting Brightening Serum – $36.00

This is a primer, anti-aging serum, and color correcting product all in one. As far as multi-tasking goes, this serum is a MUST when it comes to masking imperfections.

Smashbox – Photo Finish Blend Color Correcting Foundation Primer – $39.00

smashbox photofinish even skintone primer

This primer specifically counteracts dark spots while prepping your face for smooth foundation application.

Stila – ‘Correct & Perfect’ All-In-One Color Correcting Palette – $45.00

stila correct and perfect all-in-one color correcting palette

In addition to waterproof color correcting shades, this palette comes with two setting powders. I’ve had my eye on this one for years!

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Set – Orange, Yellow, and Green Color Corrective Concealers – $9.62

color correcting concealer

This set, like the e.l.f. cosmetics corrective concealer palettes, is very affordable and convenient to use. If you have concerns about correcting the color of your dark under eye circles, redness, and hyper-pigmentation, this set is an excellent option.

Do you use color correcting products? If so, which ones?

If you have any questions about color correcting products, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below or through my contact page!

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