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Bridesmaid Hair Half Up and Bridesmaid Makeup

If you're a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding, feel free to copy the makeup look and bridesmaid hairstyle I'm showing off in this post!

It’s officially one of the peak wedding months! If you’re a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding, feel free to copy the makeup look and bridesmaid hairstyle I’m showing off in this post! If there are no bridesmaid obligations in your future, use this look as inspiration for how you can do your hair/makeup for a night out or any other special occasion.

Bridesmaid Makeup

I love this makeup look because it’s elegant, but not too dramatic. The makeup artist did a fantastic job contouring my skin, perfecting my eyebrows, and making my eyes pop.

Bridesmaid Hair Half Up

The hair style was great because it kept my hair out of my face, but was still casual and relaxed.

Bridesmaid Makeup Ideas

Both this hair and makeup look lasted throughout the day and well into the evening, which was impressive because it was a hot day!

Bridemaid Hairstyles

I wore this hair and makeup look to my brother-in-law’s wedding which took place at the Willow Heights Mansion in Morgan Hill, CA, a truly stunning venue.

Bridesmaid Hair Down

My hair and makeup were both done professionally, but this braided look is actually pretty easy to recreate. In fact, I have recreated it a few times since the wedding! Now, if only I could find a place to wear that bridesmaid dress again. πŸ˜‰

What are your thoughts on this bridesmaid hair and makeup look?

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  1. Love the hair!πŸ’• It’s casual,simple and chic. I had mine braided for my best friends wedding. I also like your makeup in the pictures.

    I had a question about your lighting. Do you use a ring light?
    XOXO Anna

  2. Wow… Beautiful contouring… Perfect look. Love the hair style and hair color… Absolute perfect look

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