Beauty Makeup Tools Product Review

beautyblender Review

Are beautyblenders as amazing as everyone says? Yup! But, with every beautyblender, there must be a beautyblender cleanser. :-)

Beauty Blender Cleanser Kit

Without a cleanser, you’ll end up with a gross makeup filled foam egg! That’s why I decided to go for this gift-able set of two beautyblender makeup sponges and a liquid blendercleanser sponge cleaner. Keep on reading for my thoughts on this set, its price, and where you can get it.

beautyblender two bb clean set

I’m sure it goes without saying, we’ve all heard the beautyblender hype, but if you want perfectly blended makeup, this is how you get it. I decided to use one of the blenders in this set for my color correcting concealer and one for my foundation and skin colored concealer. I use these blenders to dab my makeup on, and then blend it. Besides what I’ve just mentioned, these can also be used with bb creams, cc creams, and powders! I was surprised to hear that beautyblenders could be used with powders, but it is an option.

Makeup Sponge Blender

To get continued, quality use out of these makeup sponges, you must clean them. The cleanser in this gift set works as well as the beautyblenders themselves. This cleanser can also be used on your favorite makeup brushes.

I bought this set from and you can most likely purchase it in-store too. I’ve also seen it available on

Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge Cleanser

To use the beautyblenders, you must first wet them. The blenders have an open cell structure that fills with small amounts of water allowing your beauty products to sit on top of the sponge, instead of being absorbed into the sponge. This allows you to use less product. The sponge doubles in size when it’s ready to be used and shrinks back down as it air dries after being cleaned. Rest assured, the beautyblenders are great for daily use and don’t break down or fall apart after continued use.

To clean the beautyblenders after applying your makeup, pump a small amount of the cleanser onto the beautyblender and then rub it in until it gets foamy. Next, rinse your beautyblender and then allow it to air dry before using it again.

Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge

This set has a $58.00 value, but only costs $40.00. It’s truly a great deal for 2 full size beautyblenders and one full size blendercleanser!

Bottom Line: These products work fabulously and this set has a great value. If you’ve been wanting to try beautyblenders or need some new ones, I’d go for this set!

Have you tried beautyblenders or any other makeup sponges?

Do you like them?

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