Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack in RED

I had seen this lip tint on social media and, intrigued, wanted to try it out. What’s so special about it? It basically a temporary lip tattoo, you swipe it on, let it dry a bit, and then peel it off. A little weird, but kinda cool. Once the lip color is on, it does. not. budge. Keep reading to learn more about and see pictures of this product.

Berrisom My Lip tint Pack in Virgin Red Reviewa

This lip tint is made in Korea and formulated with interesting and nourishing ingredients, such as aloe vera leaf, marine collagen, royal jelly, hyaluronic acid, and honey. Once the tint is peeled off, the color lasts all day long. Unlike most longwear lip colors, this one can’t be detected. You have a vibrant color, but your lips feel natural and naked. This doesn’t dry out your lips at all, which can’t be said for all that many long-lasting lip colors.

The down side with this lip tint is that it never appears to be exactly the same on my top and bottom lips, my bottom lip always seems to be slightly darker. I don’t know if I’m unintentionally adding more product to my bottom lip than my top lip, but after several tries, this keeps occurring.

 Berrisom Red My Lip Tint Pack Lip Tattoo
Although this product is entitled “Lip Tint Pack,” it’s really just one tube of the lip tint. The packaging is cute, but nothing special. It’s compact so it is easy to throw in your pocket or purse if you’d like to use it on the go. Touch-ups aren’t necessary with this lip color, so you’d never need to take it with you, but you certainly can if you’d like!

I purchased the Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack in Virgin Red on, but I’ve noticed that it is also sold on

To use this lip tint, first swipe on a lip balm. Next, apply this product to your lips generously. You’re going to want it to be thicker than your average lip gloss application would be. Next, allow the tint to dry for about 10 minutes. It will be very sticky during this time. In fact, if you keep your mouth closed while the lip tint is drying your lips will stick together. That’s what happened the first tried I used it, so the next time I tried it I kept my lips parted while it dried.

Here’s where things get a bit strange. After it has dried, peel the top layer of the product from your lips. This may sound painful, but I assure you that it is not. After completing this last step you’ll be left with tinted lips, stained red. Go ahead, wipe your lips take a sip of something, this color cannot be smudged or transferred!

Matte Red Lip Tattoo

As you can see, the line of color around my lips is not straight. It’s very difficult to apply the lip tint perfectly so that only your lips are stained with no extra color bleeding around your lips. To smooth out the look, I applied a clear gloss and used some concealer around my lips to make the color application look cleaner.

Red Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack Lip Tattoo

Bottom Line: Overall this is a fun product to use and I’d say it’s worth a try. I’m glad I have it, but don’t see myself using it on a regular basis. For me, the application process is much too complicated for daily use.

Is this lip tint something you’d like to try? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. May 10, 2017 / 11:40 am

    Sounds perfect until color bleeding is mentioned – hmmmmm.

  2. May 10, 2017 / 11:30 am

    It’s a nice color on you 😊👌🏼 I haven’t tried it yet, i dont know know if i will tho hehe 😊

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