tarte Magic Wand Brush Set Review

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A gimmick got me again! Last time it was the Kailijumei Bright Flower Jelly Lipsticks that got me, this time it was the Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Magic Wand Brush Set. Luckily, like the Kailijumei lipsticks, these brushes are as functional and high-quality as they are eye-catching.

tarte Make Believe in Yourself Magic Wand Brush Set

Mythical, fairy-tale inspired anything is huge right now, we all remember the Unicorn Frappuccino Starbucks released just a few weeks ago, yes? The more colorful and fantastical, the better! I’m all about this trend and wanted to partake in it in a practical way that made sense for me, that’s why when I saw these Magic Wand Brushes I knew I had to have them! I’ve been needing some new makeup brushes so purchasing these was a no-brainer. This set includes the essentials of any makeup brush collection:

  • a magenta contour brush (for a controlled contour, strobe, or highlight)
  • a pink powder brush (for foundation or a finishing powder)
  • a green blending eyeshadow brush (for defining the crease and blending out harsh lines)
  • a blue shading eyeshadow brush (packs on base shadows and softens the crease)
  • a purple liquid foundation brush (picks up and applies liquid foundations and primers).

This set is vegan, cruelty free, and limited edition!

tarte Purple Liquid Foundation Brushtarte Magenta Contour Brush

I purchased this brush set on Sephora.com, and I’m sure it can be purchased in stores too. It can also be purchased online on tartecosmetics.com and Macys.com

Blue Shading Eyeshadow BrushGreen Blending Eyeshadow Brush

For a flawless makeup finish, use these brushes to apply your cosmetics. As listed above, these brushes can be used specifically for applying highlighters, liquid foundation, finishing powders, eyeshadow, and primers. These brushes are very soft and make blending your makeup a breeze. In addition to blending, these brushes, specifically the magenta one, can be used to contour. My favorite is the purple liquid foundation brush, it makes foundation application so easy!

tarte Pink Powder Brush

This limited edition set includes 5 brushes and is priced pretty moderately at $39.00.

tarte Magic Wand Brush Set

Bottom Line:  These brushes add a bit of whimsy to your morning makeup routine and make the application of various cosmetics a cinch, I love them!

What brand of makeup brushes are your favorite?

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    Omgahhhhhh these brushes are absolutely darling!

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    I’m going to have to get these!

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