Yogi Surprise March 2017 Subscription Box Contents and Review

Yogi Surprise offers two subscription box options: a Yoga Lifestyle Subscription and a Yoga Jewelry Subscription. I practice yoga 5+ times a week, but this isn’t a fitness blog! It’s a fashion and beauty blog, so I’m sure you can see where this is going. When deciding which box to try out, I opted for the Yoga Jewelry Subscription.

This monthly jewelry box includes 2 handmade jewelry pieces and 1 organic treat. All of the jewelry is handcrafted in Bali and is Fair Trade. The retail value in each and every box is $65.00+!

Yogi Surprise Jewelry Subscription Box March 2017

If you’re an extremely lucky Yogi Surprise member, you may even be sent on a yoga retreat. Every month one member is selected and sent. To enter this contest post a #yogisurprise pic on whatever social media platform you choose.

Read on to discover what was included in the Yogi Surprise March 2017 subscription box, how much the Yogi Surprise subscription box costs, and how to cancel your Yogi Surprise subscription box if you decide it’s not for you.

Upon opening the March 2017 box, I first noticed the info. cards included. One reveals the most recent winner of and outlines the details of the yoga retreat contest mentioned above. On the flip side, there is a preview of one of the jewelry pieces that will be included in the following month’s box. The other card describes what’s included in the current box, gives you a little yoga sequence, and lets you know that if you get 3 friends to join you’ll earn a free box.

Lava Rock and Tiger Eye Grounding Mala in the Yogi Surprise March 2017 Subscription Box

The Mala in this month’s box is made up of a combination of Lava Rock and Tiger Eye. Lava Rock is well-known among yogis for it’s extensive emotional and spiritual grounding properties. For this Mala, Tiger Eye was chosen to be paired with Lava Rock because of it’s balancing and harmonious properties. Together, these stones create an earth centered and stabilizing Mala, this is good for extensive and highly concentrated meditation sessions. If you’re reading this thinking, what the heck is she talking about? Lava Rock and Tiger Eye are healing stones, google healing stones and then Mala and you’ll get all of the info. you need.
 Lava Rock and Tiger Eye Handcrafted Bracelet in the Yogi Surprise March 2017 Subscription Box
The second piece of jewelry included in this month’s box is a Lava Rock and Tiger Eye bracelet that compliments the Mala beautifully. It is made mostly of Lava Rock beads with 3 Tiger Eye beads in the center of the bracelet and 2 Tiger Eye beads hanging at the ends of the adjuster strings. Since, this bracelet is adjustable it should fit just about anyone, even those with super tiny wrists like me.
This month’s organic snack is a raw cacao bar made with Fair Trade cacao beans from Peru. This Santosha Chocolate bar has a delicious layer of coconut and Hawaiian Pink salt on the bottom of the bar. The raw cacao flavor is strong, but I liked it. If you like dark chocolate, you would most likely enjoy this treat.

The Yogi Surprise Yoga Jewelry Box Break Down:

Cost: This box costs $24.99 every month. Each box contains 2 handcrafted pieces of jewelry and an organic snack with a combined retail value of $65.00+. Here’s the value break down of the March 2017 box:

  • Tiger Eye and Lava Rock Grounding Mala – $86.00
  • Tiger Eye and Lava Rock Adjustable Bracelet – $38.00
  • Santosha Chocolate – $4.00

Total value: $128.00.

Cancellation: To cancel, go to your account page and click “Cancellation Policy.” From there, click “Submit a Request” in the upper right hand corner of the page. Request your cancellation and they’ll message you  back confirming the cancellation, after you’ve confirmed that you do want to cancel. Do this by the 14th of the month to avoid being charged for the following month’s box.

Bottom Line:  The chocolate included in this box is always a great treat and the jewelry is beautifully crafted. If you’re a fan of healing stones, well-made jewelry, and chocolate, then this box is definitely for you! I highly recommend it.

Questions on this jewelry subscription box? What’s your favorite jewelry subscription box? I’d love to know so I can give it a try!

Stay tuned for my next post: Wearable Art by Valfré.

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