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Exploring the Tech Museum

Appropriately located in Silicon Valley, The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose is an interactive science and technology museum that is appropriate for all ages.

That being said, children, teens, and adults who can understand what each exhibit is about will get a lot more out of it than toddlers. My little one is a 1 year and 1/2 and she had a blast, but it would have been awesome if she could actually understand what was going on!

The museum has 8 galleries, each with a different focus, and an IMAX theater. The museum also offers several programs from Birthday Parties to a badge program for Girl Scouts.

The Tech museum is open daily, except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Ticket pricing is as follows, but through the end of 2017 Bank of America members get 1 free admission ticket (galleries only) during the first full weekend of the month. This is part of Museums on Us and all you need is your ATM card and ID for the free ticket.

General Admission Adult Student/Senior 65+ Child (3-17)
Museum galleries $24 $19 $19
Educational IMAX film $10 $8 $8
Combo (galleries plus educational IMAX) $29 $23 $23

Here are some photos from our latest visit!

Satellite Image of the Moon
The View from Space exhibit: a 6-foot sphere with an image projected onto it. We saw the moon, and now want one of these in our house lol.
The Exploration Gallery at the Tech Museum
An exhibit in the Exploration Gallery.
Hands on Activities at the Tech Museum in San Jose
Building with magnetic blocks – she didn’t build that! It was there when we walked up to play.
The BioDesign Studio in the Tech Museum of San Jose
Re-coding the “fur” patterns of these animals.
The Living Colors Lab in the Tech Museum in San Jose.
The Living Colors Lab: Kids can use real lab gear to engineer multi-colored bacteria.
A Robot you can Talk to at the Tech Museum in San Jose
Outside of the Social Robots exhibit, our little one chatted with this friendly robot!
The Tech Museum in San Jose
A robot that will write out anything you request it to with alphabet blocks!
Reactable at the Tech Museum in San Jose
Reactable: an electronic instrument that allows you to create music by positioning the cubes and circles in different ways.
Social Circles at the Tech Museum in San Jose
Social Circles: this exhibit encourages social encounters through play. If you stand close to someone else, your circles will combine to make a larger circle that you’re both standing in.

Have you ever been to this interactive museum? If not, would you like to go?

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